Decorating Your Home With A Beach Theme On A Budget

Posted on: 2 October 2017

If you want to decorate your home with a beach theme then you can easily do so on a budget by making use of things that are readily available to you and by getting things at the right places. You can learn tips for inexpensively decorating your beach themed home by reading the information below:

Decorate with seashells in different ways

One of the easiest ways you can inexpensively bring a beach theme into your home is to make good use of seashells. If you live in a beach community then you have a lot of access to seashells. One thing you do need to be aware of is some beaches have laws in place restricting you from removing shells right off the beach, but you will still be able to find plenty of them all over including at the local stores, at resident's yard sales and even close to the beach, but not in the restricted area.

You can set the seashells around on their own to decorate areas, you can paint them to give them a different look that also matches some of the colors going on throughout your house and you can even put them inside of mason jars to show them off in certain areas, such as your bathroom or kitchen counters.

You can use colored glass

You can add a beachy look to the house by decorating with different colors of glass. You can often find glass pieces on the beach. Clean them and put them in jars for a nice and colorful touch. You can use battery operated flame candles along with the glass pieces in the jar to make some decorative night lights that look great and are also functional.

Decorate with driftwood and reclaimed wood to make different designs

You can find driftwood or reclaimed wood all over when you live in a beach community. You can also get it from different places including hardware stores, laying around the town, in your yard or garage and even from art galleries that sell creative art pieces.

You can stack some pieces of driftwood next to seashells and create your own piece of art. You can attach the pieces so they don't fall apart by using a hot glue gun so all the driftwood and seashells look how you want them to. You can paint reclaimed wood with sayings or things like boats or lighthouses to strengthen that beach theme. You can also take a few pieces of reclaimed wood, paint them however you want and attach them with short chains and small screws to create a nice looking work of art.