Four Must-Have Elements Of Boho Home Decor

Posted on: 23 July 2018

Do you find yourself enjoying a home décor that is more eclectic and features your favorite things rather than following strict design rules and conventional themes, such as Colonial or Mid-Century Modern? If so, the Boho trend may be just your style. Short for Bohemian, this style takes its name from the movement that put a high preference on unconventionality, music, art, literature, and the natural world. Bohemianism tends to embrace a free flowing, easygoing, laid-back lifestyle that often places a priority on traveling or the love of other cultures as well. By combining the natural accumulation of things you love with the purposeful addition of new things, your home will reflect both your personality and the things that are important to you. While the style may be eclectic, there are a few design elements that are common.

Basket Wall

Whether it's wicker baskets picked up from a thrift store or colorful handwoven grass baskets found on a recent trip to Ghana, an assortment of baskets artfully displayed on the wall will add three-dimensional interest to your space.


Both live and artificial plants are a big part of Boho style. Towering palms, fruit trees, miniature bonsai trees, and silk ivy all bring an element of the outdoors in. You can also choose to try your hand at a terrarium, creating a microhabitat to enhance yours.

Unique Artwork

Because Boho style is eclectic, other cultures' home décor is often incorporated. For example, if you have chosen to learn the ancient Japanese art of creating bonsai trees for the plants in your home, you may want to add to this secondary theme with the artwork on your walls. Ukiyo-e woodblock prints like those from Asian Arts West and paintings with traditional themes, such as sumo wrestlers, Geisha girls, and Japanese landscapes, will add color and heighten your style while giving a slight Asian feel. Another example is choosing cacti for your plants and the southwest-inspired artwork of Georgia O'Keefe during her time in Taos, New Mexico, or Native American pottery and dreamcatchers.

Seventies Throwback

Choosing to re-purpose and reuse rather than buy new is a big part of the Boho style. That means it isn't uncommon to for "thrift store chic" to play a part. Things that were popular in the past are still floating around today. Giant wicker peacock chairs, wooden and glass bead curtains, the black lacquer furniture, or the room dividing screens with Ukiyo-e prints that were the "in" things then are in again if you love the Boho style.