Four Fabulous Ways To Breathe New Life Into Your Home's Interior

Posted on: 26 November 2018

Have you reached a point where your home decor has become tired and uninspiring, but you simply aren't in a position to give it a complete facelift at this time? Perhaps you're too busy for a full home remodel, or maybe you sort of like it the way it is but wish it had a little more sparkle. If so, there are still a variety of ways to dress up your home interior without redoing the entire thing altogether. You probably already know that seasonal slipcovers and throw pillows can breathe exciting new life into furniture this is an excellent place to start when your mood calls for a change of pace. Fortunately, there are many other ways available for you to breathe new life into your home exterior — following are just four of them. 

Fixate on Fixtures

You'd be surprised at the big difference that upgrading fixtures can make in the overall appearance of the interior of your home. For instance, replacing bland doorknobs brightens up any room — you can create instant elegance with crystal doorknobs, for instance, or if that's not your style, polished brass doorknobs create a solid, traditional accent. Other fixtures you could replace for a quick upgrade include light switch plates, light fixtures, and plumbing fixtures. Decorative light switch plates add whimsy and character to a room, and you can transform an otherwise plain dining room into a pleasantly sophisticated place to entertain or just enjoy a family meal. A gleaming brass or silver faucet can instantly dress up a kitchen or bathroom and are available in styles ranging from vintage through ultra-modern. Even replacing cabinet door pulls can make a positive difference in the way a room looks. 

Incorporate a Statement Piece

If your main living spaces lack cohesiveness or otherwise simply doesn't look pulled together, you may be tempted to replace all of the furniture in the hopes of creating an ambiance you like better but are reluctant to go to a major amount of bother. Incorporating a statement piece may be the answer. If you've always loved antiques and wished you had more of them in your home, now may be the time to buy a fabulous sideboard, a table, or another antique piece of furniture to serve as a focal point in your living space. However, the focal point doesn't have to be an antique. If you've been dreaming of a particular couch with clean, modern lines, this may be just the thing to give your living room the lift that it needs. 

A focal point can also be a fabulous rug, a piece of sculpture, or an indoor fountain.

Green It Up

If you've always wanted to have indoor plants but never had much of a green thumb, this may be a good time to research plants that are easy to grow indoors and begin introducing them to your indoor living environment. Peace lilies, for instance, require almost no light and are nearly impossible to kill provided you give them a little water every now and then. Snake plants are another great option for those who want to add a note of green to their home interior but aren't crazy about the idea of killing plants due to their own horticultural ineptitude. 

Add Art

Sometimes, all a home interior needs is an infusion of art to bring it to life. Visiting an abstract art gallery is an excellent way to gain inspiration for a home interior makeover. Hanging an interesting painting or print can immediately pull an otherwise unfocused room together. Abstract art is suitable for all types of decor styles — it's the colors and form that need to complement the other objects in the room. For instance, keep it light and airy in rooms with substantial natural daylight and light-colored furniture, and dial up the dark tones when the existing decor calls for a richer complement.