Buying A New Painting For Your Home Or Business

Posted on: 8 October 2019

High-quality artwork can be an addition that you may be wanting to make to your home or business. In particular, modern contemporary paintings are a popular addition due to the color schemes and the wide range of subjects that can be covered. Many individuals may not have any experience with buying custom paintings, and this can put them in a position of being unable to anticipate what to expect from this purchase.

Install Lighting For The Painting

Individuals will often be disappointed when they hang their painting in the spot that they have chosen, as the colors may not be as vivid as what they saw when the painting was hanging in the gallery. This difference is often the result of the lighting in the gallery being far superior to the lighting where the painting is hung. Luckily, this is an easy problem to address, as you can have a display light placed just above where the painting is hanging. This will ensure the painting is receiving the optimal light so that the colors and contrast will look their best.

Keep The Frame Minimal

The frame around the painting can help to protect it, but some people will make the mistake of choosing a frame that is extremely large or otherwise eye-catching. This can be problematic, as it could lead to the frame distracting from the painting. Rather than choosing a large and eye-catching frame, you may want to opt for one that is thin and neutral. By taking this approach with your frame, you will be able to keep the painting protected without taking away from its beauty. Furthermore, it should be observed that framing high-quality art can be a task that is more complicated than individuals assume. For example, the frame will need to prevent moisture from collecting on it, as this could drip onto the painting. Furthermore, if there is glass over the painting, enough space will need to be left to prevent it from damaging it.

Consider Having The Painting Professionally Hung

Hanging the painting can be one of the riskiest times for it. If this is done incorrectly, the painting could be unstable, which may lead to it falling and being destroyed or severely damaged. Luckily, many galleries will offer their customers a hanging service where a professional will be able to securely hang the painting on the wall. Using these services will not add much to the cost of the painting purchase, but it will be able to avoid one of the most common sources of problems for individuals that are new to buying paintings.

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